How To Start Guide

Step 1 of 5: Add a Listing

  1. Click “add a listing”.
  2. Choose a listing type.
  3. Choose a listing subscription.
  4. Fill in the listing details.
  5. Submit Listing for Approval.
  6. Checkout.

Step 2 of 5: Add Products

  1. Go to account dropdown.
  2. Click “Manage My Shop”.
  3. Log in if necessary.
  4. Find “Products” in left side menu and click it to dropdown.
  5. Select “Add New”.
  6. Fill out product details, and publish.
  7. Return to the website by clicking view website in the top left.

Step 3 of 5: Navigate To
"Manage My Listings"

  1. Click on account dropdown.
  2. Click “Manage My Listings”.

Step 4 of 5: Edit Listing

  1. Navigate to the listing you would like to add products too.
  2. Click “Edit”.

Step 5 of 5: Add Product To Listing

  1. Once both your listing and product/s have been approved by admin you will be able to add them.
  2. Scroll down to products & services.
  3. Start typing the name of the product and select it to link the product to the listing.
  4. Save edit.